Month: May 2014

Tips for Effective Color Flyers Designs



Flyers are an important and effective advertising technique that aims to be informative about your products and services, without getting too personal with the information. These flyers can be as bright and colorful as your want them to be, or even a little less colorful and formal. However, it is important to know that, in order to make your flyers the most effective and productive as they possibly can, you need to take a few things into consideration.


Making Your Color Flyers Designs Most Effective


Goal Setting

Before you start off with making flyer designs, you need to be very concrete with defining and setting your goals. This is because, at the end of the day, your goals are what really matter, and should translate well within your flyers. This will help achieve an effective overall design.Your goals should always be realistic and achievable because your success will depend on how well and how quickly you achieve your goals.


Table Tent Cards
Table Tent Cards

A Convincing Headline or Title

Your flyer headline or title should be captivating enough for your readers to become interested enough to keep reading. This is because the title is the first thing anyone will read, therefore making it extremely valuable. Make it powerful by using the right words, and make those words stand out with the right labels and texts. This means that you should know what font size, type, and effects to use.


Eye Catching with Striking Graphics

An extraordinary and striking design will help to captivate your audience in an instant. Focus on making your flyers important and worth remembering, and people will recall them for life. A great illustration will help achieve customer attention towards your flyers. For instance, the use of a prominent picture related to the topic, service, or event that you want to promote can really help to serve your purpose. You can take a few creative pictures with your camera, or purchase images online. Websites like free stock images let you use images for free in case you have a limited budget.


Important Information

All of the important information related to whatever you are selling or promoting should be there in your flyer. This includes telling your audience about the what, where, which, who, why, when, and how so that your audience is well aware of what you are trying to communicate to them.


Along with this, you should add in the relevant contact information such as an email address and a contact number so that your customers can easily reach you. There is nothing more frustrating than igniting curiosity about something but not giving sufficient details. If you use social networking pages, then you might want to send a link to your customers where they can easily view your offerings and contact you. The content must be persuasive yet simple containing all the key ingredients.


Knowledge of Prospective Audience and Customers


Knowledge of who your audience and target customers are is extremely important to create effective color flyers designs. This way, you will be able to target your communication accordingly and therefore, leave a great impression on your target audience. For example, if you offer certain products or services, or are in the process of arranging an event that is particularly targeted towards children, then you should be able to impress these kids along with their parents through your flyers. For this, you need to think of effective flyer designs and colors.


Avoiding Complication

Contrary to popular belief, complicated texts do not create a good impression. In fact, all they do is leave the person confused and disinterested. A complicated design includes improper text alignment, different font types, having unnecessary graphics, and using excessive capital letters. This sort of flyer will lead to an even more negative impression if you are looking to target professionals with your flyers. It is important to properly plan out your color flyers designs properly before finally implementing that design.


Professional Graphic Designer

If you are completely unaware or lack the skills to design a proper flyer, then you should look towards hiring a professional. These professionals have the required expertise in flyer designing, and therefore can ensure good quality designs. All you have to do is brief them about your goal and target audience.



When you are finally done with designing your flyer, you must not forget to proofread it. This should be done before the printing process begins so that you can extract any errors from the flyers. The proofreading process should include checking the information and details on the flyers and making sure everything is accurate. You should even get a second opinion by asking someone else to go through it.


Discounts and Special Offerings

Discounts and special offerings can help to attract customers. This is a great marketing tool and can be extremely productive with proper circumstances.However, this offering should be for a limited time since you would not want to reduce your profit margins.




Be sure to include all the advantages and benefits of your events, products or services on your flyer. This will ensure that your clients are informed so that they become more interested in what you have to offer. Certain powerful and positive words such as guarantee and free can make your flyer appealing. Use bullets instead of long sentences to communicate your benefits.


Advertising through the use of flyers has been considered very important in the field of business, and is still used widely in order to gain new customers.Color flyers designs, that are well thought out and well made please people automatically. After you have successfully designed a flyer, you should hire a good quality printing service to ensure great flyers through and through. If your flyers are not printed properly, then no matter how good the design is, the flyer will not leave a good impact on your audience members. Also, you should never compromise all your hard work on bad quality printing. That will simply ruin all the effort that you have put into designing your flyer.