Month: June 2014

Why You Have to Use Yard Signs to Promote Your Business



Yard signs are also popularly known as bandit signs, lawn signs, placards, or even road signs. These signs are mainly used for local advertising. They are used in business like real estate and are very famous for election campaigns in some countries. These are small signs which can be placed on the lawn of the candidate’s supporters.

These signs are mainly placed near the polling places on the Election Day. In many states, there are also restrictions on these signs. In some residential areas yard signs are strictly prohibited. The signs are placed close to the road for greater and clear visibility. In most of the highways, the sign needs to be placed within five feet of the highway. These signs are available in various sizes and shapes, but these are rectangular and are between 12 and 40 inches on every side. The size of the outdoor sign depends on the traffic moves on the road. A sign calculation tool determines the correct size of the sign based on the traffic speed.

If you want to advertise services or you want to sell items and want the people know about the information which you want to give, the excellent method is to make the signs for the post in your yard. The yard signs are more effective than the others, depending on how you have designed and displayed them. Check the following instructions.


  • Design eye-catching and attractive yard signs. Your signs must visually capture the attention of the audience, like bright borders, colorful paper or you can also user eflective materials so that people notice your yard signs.


  • You have to make the sign which will be easy to read in adverse weather conditions.


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  • You must keep the information brief and concise. You yard signs must be easy and can be read from a distance. You can add the details in small below the headlines, but don’t write too much.The signs must be seen and can be easily digested. This is mainly because any passerby who is driving a car will not have the time to go through a lot of information.


  • You can use the graphic design or the picture of the photograph whatever you want to convey and use simple words. A clear picture which can be seen from a distance can easily enhance the design of the yard sign.


  • Place the yard sign in such a height from where it can be read easily. Always remember that the yard signs need to be viewed from the eye level or from the height where someone can see it while sitting in the car. People can look from two tothree feet from the ground level.
  • Design the yard signs in such a height that can be easily seen the message can reach you without any difficulty. If people read your well-designed yard signs, then your sale is successful.


If you want to advertise your business, then your yard signs are the best option. There are various benefits if you choose yard signs to promote your business.

Yard signageis affordable

If you consider the amount of exposure you are getting from yard signs, then you can see that these are quite affordable. You can use them for any event or sale. The metal yard signs are costly and are long-lasting. But, you have to pay it once and then you can reap the benefits.

Easy to install

You can install yard signsvery easily. If you order proper accessories, then you just have to attach the sign to the accessory and have to stick it in the ground. You need to maintain yard signs very less number of times.

Can be used repeatedly

The yard signs can be removed whenever you want. Custom postcards printing can be easily stored and reused. This is the best tool for business advertising campaigns.If the business has a clearance sale, then you can order for the signs once and you can use them whenever you have the sale. If you don’t use the signs constantly, they will last much longer.


The yard signscan easily draw the attention of the customers. Yard signs are the best way to make the customers notice your business.


Another advantage of yard signs is that you can take them with you. Unless you have cemented the yard signs to a building, they are portable.For the real estate agents, this is very important. The yard signs will go with any campaign event.

Whenever you start your business, the yard signs can be used for building confidence of your brand. Customers can never find your business unless they know that it exists. Whenever you are investing your business, you will definitely reap the rewards later. There are different forms of marketing. But they are very expensive and are not effective as the yard signs.

The yard signs can spread brand awareness and can drive the traffic to your business. Every business can benefit from the yard signsand use these signs to accomplish marketing goals. It’s not about just putting the sign high up. But there are few things which you must remember if you want a successful yard sign.

Location is important

For yard signs, location is the most important thing. If you are advertising your business and you place the sign far away from the house is not at all a good idea. The main thing that you need to do is that your signs must be put in an appropriate place. Place yard sign in the area where there is high traffic.

Follow the local rules

If you want to make the most of your yard signs, you must ask your community authorities the rules of putting the yard signs. Some of the communities have specifications on how small or big will be the signs.Thus, you won’t face any problem with the law in future. This is very important if you are using the sign for the political campaign material.

Be creative

For attracting more viewers, your sign must be interesting and creative. Signs with black and white may have a dull look. You must use color in order to catch the attention of the public.But don’t use loud colors. Try to use the colors that are very pleasant to look at. For example, like blue and white. You can use bright red with white to make the sign look urgent. The color combinations are very important and have a lot to do with your message.