Month: August 2014

Attract Clients to Your Business Using Magnets


Magnets have always been used for a variety of reasons. They have been used in industries, in shops, in homes and now they are being used as advertisements. Businesses have managed to learn how to make magnets a part of their marketing plans.

It has become critical for business to think outside of the box and come up with ideas in order to sell more products. Companies need to make their products look unique in a market that is probably filled with competing products from rival companies. Failure to do so may end up causing your company to sell fewer items. This has caused businesses to try and market their services through the use of magnets. So far, it has proven to be quite effective for those companies that have managed to accurately apply magnets to their existing plans for promotion. You can use cheap magnet marketing in order to help the growth of your business.

Magnets Are Very Versatile

Magnets can be cut and made into various shapes. The sizes of magnets that you will be using will be determined by its role. Magnets can be used for any reasons as well. Refrigerator magnets will be used to stick important messages on to the surface of the refrigerator. You can use car magnets to promote your company using cars. There is no shortage of ideas that you can apply to the use of magnets. Moreover, people will find a use for the magnets you have given out as advertisements. They can make the magnets serve their requirements.

Economical Prices Make Magnets Ideal

The cost of making magnets is quite low if you compare it to the digital forms of promotion. They are little pricier than other printed adverts like fliers and brochures. However, they have one advantage over printed materials. Magnets are generally retained by customers unlike fliers. Fliers and brochures are usually thrown out as soon as they are read or in some cases even earlier. Rarely are they kept for future reference. Magnets, on the other hand, will be kept and put to use. The message you print on magnets will be noticed by people as long as they use them. This high return on investment makes magnets more economical than printed material even though it is a tad costlier to produce.

The Different Ways to Make a Better Magnet Marketing Plan

You should have a clear cut idea about the use of your magnets. If you want magnets that will be displayed on refrigerators then the design and make will be slightly different than a magnet meant for cars. A car magnet will have to be made from sturdier materials as they need to withstand the weather elements which a refrigerator magnet will not face. You will be able to make a better choice about the production and you can save a tidy amount in the process.

Colors are very important to the success of your magnet advertisement. Bright colors will make your magnet look more attractive and people will keep and use them for a longer time. However, the colors of your magnet need to suit the brand of your company or at least the company logo. The colors of the text and the background should create a nice contrast which makes the text readable without too much effort.

You can use magnets in your establishment to promote sales and other regular discounts. In that case, avoid printing the dates. You will be able to use those magnets again in the next event if the dates are not present. This can save you the money and effort in ordering newer magnets for every sale.

The information that you can write on the magnets is rather limited due to their size. Include only what you feel is the most essential. The name and logo is obviously going to be needed. You should try to include at least one phone number so that people can contact you. The other details like addresses and email are not vital. You may print them if you notice that you have the space.

The message you wish to print on your magnets will be tempered by the ultimate aim of the magnets. If you are going to hand out magnets to everyone who comes into your shop, you should avoid advertising sales. Your sale will last for a few days after which the entire message of the magnet will be rendered meaningless. Instead advertise a certain product or your company through the magnets.

Magnets can be designed to suit any design that you may already have in mind.  Printing agencies can customize the shapes of the magnets that will match your design and company’s image. A boring rectangular magnet will not have as good an effect as a magnet shaped like a burger. You can make magnets in any shape which will be more conducive to your message. A fast food chain can take advantage of magnets shapes like burgers or hot dogs. These magnets will be more effective at promoting your message. These magnets will also be more entertaining to your clients who may keep them for a longer time.

Using good quality materials will make your magnets appear nicer and they will last for a longer time as well. Lamination is good as it imparts a shine to your magnets making them more appealing. Lamination will also protect your message and design from fading too early.

Online agencies will be able to give you interesting discounts if you order a large number of magnets at the same time even though their normal pricing is quite affordable. You will also get your magnets delivered at the right time. They will be able to give you templates and customized shapes. Since most of them use the latest technologies, you will not need to be anxious about the quality and accuracy of your magnets.

If you are looking for an asset to your marketing and promotional tools, you can consider using magnets. Few other tools will give you the longevity of exposure that magnets can.


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