Month: October 2014

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Business Networking Can Help You to Build Brand Awareness



While networking, your attitude must not be, “what’s in it for me?”, but must be like, “what’s in it for them?” There is a set of protocols for giving the business cards and the rule is that you will not give out the business cards without being asked one. You must wait to ask for a card but you can create the situation for someone to ask for the business card. Otherwise, you can ask how you can contact them, if you are not offered your card. At the least, you can create a reason for someone to want to have your business card.


  • You can give your business card out with the right hand and never do this with your left hand. Free Postcard Printing Samples Free Postcard Printing Samples
  • You can present the business card with the writing facing the person you are giving it to. It’s not a good idea to whip your business card from the wallet in your back pocket. The business card holder in the front pocket is a better way to go.


  • The business card holder will keep business cards when you have to give them out while networking.


  • Remember that your business card is the representation of you. Make sure that it reflects your values and personality.


  • You can accept the business card print with your right hand or with both the hands. The use of the left hand is insulting for various cultures.


  • When you accept the business card, you must not put it away immediately without looking at it for a few seconds. Still, you can make a comment about your business card or ask the question about some information.


  • It shows that you are paying attention and not dismissing the person who gave you the business card. You can also find some information which is great subject for discussion.


  • You must follow up if you say you will. Only ask the business cards from the people you want to contact.


  • You must be sure that you transfer the information in the electronic contact management system. It’s a bad form to tell someone that you need another card as you lost the one they gave you.


Getting Business Cards “Carded”

When is the last time you got business carded? In the increasing LinkedIn and the app-driven world, the business cards got the standard for networking and making connections, branding ourselves, exchanging information and with the brand being the company or the organization you work for or the job title. The business cards, by virtue of the job title, logo and the email extension have come to represent the piece of identity, our connection to the company.


Business Cards Help to Present Your Image to the World

The business cards are an important tool in the marketing plan. Below are some of the few tips on how you can use them to your benefit in the market place.


  1. The business card gives the first impression and reflects the business to the world. It’s an important advertising tool and the way to network with the business partners and the clients. You must be sure that the font size and type used is easy to read. You can ask yourself, “What is the impression I want to make?” You can use bold fonts, vibrant colors, pictures, stand-out logos and can also use a different shaped card.


  1. You can proofread your business card and then have independent and knowledgeable third party to proofread it.


  1. The business executives and the potential clients will perceive you as the unprofessional if you have grammatical, spacing and the spelling errors. It’s better to recycle the paper and order a new batch of the business cards than to save cash by using the flawed cards. The poorly made business cards can cost you more than just a few dollars.


  1. Just keep your business cards simple. Several companies use the card scanners in order to import your information in the database. If your scanner can’t read your business card, then the entry of the data may lead to the errors and thus you can lose great business opportunities.


  1. You have to impress your existing clients by using better quality business card stock with the glossy finish. The extra details may cost you more, but the message sent to your clients must be worthy. Your card must look professional in order to be successful.


  1. You have to display your title, name and the contact details on the face of the business card. If people can’t contact you because of the information on the business card is out-of-date, then it will affect your business.


  1. There are several online sites where you can find competitively priced business cards


  1. Some of the sites also offer free business cards. You have to pay for the shipping and handling. You have to pay a few extra dollars in order to remove free advertising logo from the card. But, it’s worthy.  You can find the paid cards for a better deal in huge quantities and will give you more options.


  1. There is also another interesting option. You can print on your own. This will give you flexibility in the quantity and will allow you to make the customized business cards for some specific occasions and add some attractive offers.


  1. You can use the front side to introduce yourself. You can use the back of the card in order to expand on it. You can include the areas of expertise, the special incentives or some of the useful information in order to encourage people to hold on your business card.


  1. Have these cards with you all the times and can hand them out. They will not do any good if you keep your office and don’t have any hand out at the networking event. If you want to save money and have two separate businesses, you can put one business on each side and combine the information on the same side.


  1. You must get a smart phone application that enables you to scan the cards and let you send your business card to the other smart phone users.