Month: November 2014

How to Design Hang Tags?



Making your designs for hang tag printing which can be rewarding and fun. There is some number of creative possibilities for designing your own hang tags. Creating a top-notch design can be done simply with a little planning and widely available tools.


Make a Plan

You can begin your hang tag design by crafting a plan. First, you need to ask yourself what message you want to convey. What action do you want the person to take who is reading your hang tag? Are you promoting the brand or delivering the marketing message? Does the product say about your company? These types of questions will help you to narrow the choices on the colors, paper selection, images and the fonts.


A company promoting an eco-friendly product may choose the recycled paper and the simple message by using earthy inks. You need to sketch your idea on the sheet of paper and write a few keywords which help in order to keep you focused on your message. You need to make a plan which will give you a real start on your finished design.


Editing Software and Desktop Publishing

With your ready plan you can move on to choosing your design software. There are several desktop publishing software programs which are available widely. The printers can work with various popular formats which will allow you to take your hang tag creations from the desktop to the final printed materials faster than before. The popular software programs, such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Publisher, Illustrator and the other similar programs which will work. For a hang tag design, you need to start by working with the software program which you will be most familiar with. You can save your work in various formats.


Design Tools for Hang Tag Printing

With the editing software and the online tools, you can have the virtual chest of the various design possibilities. There are several sites available where the stock photography, fonts and designs can be purchased and saved to your computer. Start visiting the stock photography or the image site and selecting the images and the photos related to the product.


Using the images and stock photography is the simplest way to create your own professional quality designs fast and easily. You can use the keywords which you need to have jotted down while planning in order to search for the photos and images. Make sure that you can purchase the correct license for the pictures which you need to plan to print for the distribution or can use on the product’s label. If you use the template offered by the hang tag printer, you will need to combine the text and image elements in your design. Your finished product will be ready to submit for printing.