EDDM Printing

EDDM Printing

How to Ship EDDM Prints Via Priority Mail

If you are planning to have a major sale in your store or you’ve just opened a new business, you need to do something that will perk the interest of the people around you. One effective way to promote your establishment is by Every Door Direct Mail. Here, you get to send out EDDM Prints via priority mail. These promotional prints will reach every household in an area you specified which will definitely increase the chances of your business to succeed. But how do you do that, you may ask?

First step is to get a Mailing Permit. You will need to fill up a form for this which will then be processed in your local post office. You can either get the PS Form 3615 or the Mailing Permit Application and Customer Profile form from the post office or you can download it from the Internet.

You then need to create or register a business account with the United States Postal Service or USPS. You can do this through the Business Customer Gateway. Once you have a business account all you need to do next is to log in.

Step three involves choosing who you want to reach. Once you’ve logged on to the USPS Business Customer Gateway, you can access their online tool which helps you pick the mailing routes of every neighborhood within your specified area. It lets you choose by way of city names, zip codes, and other specifications. This tool allows you to determine how many households and local businesses are in the area which also makes postage estimation a little easier. You need a hard copy of the appropriate documents and facing slips so make sure to print them out before you go to the post office.

Here comes the fun part. After deciding on the areas and mail routes you want covered, it is time to make your mail. You must be wary, though, of the specifications allowed by EDDM like address formats and sizes. If you need help in making your mail pieces, you can always ask for assistance from your marketing agency, printing shops, or your mail service provider.

That’s it! Once you’ve decided on a design for your mail, all you have to do now is to give it to Every Door Direct Mail and let them handle things from there. Prepare your mails properly and take them to a USPS Business Mail Entry Unit or BMEU. Your EDDM prints will be sent out by the company using simplified addressing. For further information about the subject of simplified addressing, you can call your local acceptance unit or read Section 602.3.2 of the Domestic Mail Manual or DMM.

If you deem that your EDDM prints need to reach a wider area and bigger audience, you need to bring your USPS EDDM mail printing to your local BMEU. You will be tasked to use the Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) to transport your EDDM prints to the new areas’ postal services. You can also do it yourself. With a PVDS Verification and Clearance or the PS Form 8125, you can send your EDDM mailings yourself. You just need to include the payment, delivery instructions, and documentations.

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