Tips for Increasing Response Rates with Folded Postcards


How can you improve your customer’s experience?  You have to stop guessing among yourselves and you need to get the answers from the customers. You can go through a survey. You need to use the folded postcards which create an attractive survey form with the self-return postage. Apart from getting the data which you need, the surveys are the best way of engaging the customers and advertising for good service. Here are some of the ways for improving the response rates


Engage People in Your Survey

You have to engage people in the survey. It can seem quite tautological in order to engage people to participate, but it will make quite sensible. You have to make people feel like they are the part of the project which will make them likely to view its success.

Let People Know about Your survey

You can start people calling who can provide you with the most valuable information. You can include your distributors, suppliers and the clients from the database and can inform them about the survey. You can say what it’s for and how can it be profitable for them in future.

Ask for the referrals

You can also ask your respondent to recommend any other person who can fit the sample which is known snowballing. People always tend to group with the people who share the same interests so the respondent will know the other people who know about your product. You have to come up with the incentive scheme for the specific person who gave the referral.

Ask for Opinions

If you ask them for the opinion, people will feel important and is the most powerful tool. You need to run the idea and get the insights on how to formulate the questions. You can also ask them about a good incentive which is a good option for the respondents.

This may sound like hard work, but if you are holding experience with the direct-mail-marketing, then you must know how hard it is to get the response from the customers. The surveys are very important as you need quite a higher response rate than the advertisement. Several phone calls in your survey will guarantee a higher response rate.

Make Your Survey Engaging

You have to use attractive colored postcards and use the perforated folded cards to the respondents which can tear off.  You have to print the self-postage stamp so the respondent can answer and send them with their mail.

You have to work with a personal and conversational tone. You have to write a short personal message to the respondents in the survey and you must thank them for their time. You have to note the incentive mechanism which you have to put in the place. You have to make your questions very interesting and will give them space in order to voice out the opinions.

Publish the Results

People are fond of quizzes, trivia and statistics. If you have completed the survey, you have to send another set of the folded postcards thanking all those who have participated in the activity. In order to make their participation quite essential, you have to include the results of the survey. Moreover, you have to send your incentive whether it’s a small gift check of giveaway.

Folded Postcards are the Best Tool for Business Marketing

Postcards are successful tool for marketing mainly at events. These are used in order to extend business with your existing and new customers. These are very much effective, though email marketing has been in the limelight now. The folded postcards can be used more on these days instead of traditional postcards.

  • The benefits of foldable postcards are there is much more space to express yourself and you can send across your message in beautiful designs. This kind of postcard will allow you to do creative images related to your products or services. On the other hand, you can make your postcards readable though they are folded.


  • With the regular postcards, the folded postcards come in variety of sizes and shapes. You will come across several options when materials are used and you can also feel people touch the cards. Depending on the intended purpose of your postcard, you can select from the sizes ranging from 6 X 8 to 18 X 11 postcards.
  • If you want to select postcards for distributing your fill forms, you can use uncoated 10pt paper type than thicker 14pt ones. This will make it easier for people in order to write on it. For the other purposes, like simple marketing or invitations, thicker ones are the most appropriate option. The folded postcards having gloss covers make these attractive than the uncoated ones.


  • The postcards which are foldable are not the ones which can be folded only once. These cards which are folded offer more space so that you can give a clearer message. The simple foldable postcards are not good. These are best for your business.
  • When it comes to finishing these cards, you can select different finishes for both the front and the rear size and the inner portion of the card. These are some of the primary ways of coating postcards, UV gloss and aqueous. These are effective in their way. Within these coatings, you can select how much gloss you wish on these cards. Sometimes, you will want your postcards delivered, but you must never let the contents to be read by any other recipient. These can cost more compared to regular foldable post cards.


  • Foldable postcards are a convenient way of marketing. Additionally, these are simpler for other people and thus, you can get responses from them. You have to find the right printing service for your folded postcards. If you want to be successful at your events, you can use folded postcards and can search for the other postcards online.

You can print your advertisement at one side of your folded card with your product list, specifications and contact information.  You can leave the other part empty. You can this portion in order to write your personal notes to send well wishes.

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