Tips for Selling More Gift Certificates Printing


Good designs are very important when you want to sell more gift vouchers. People are reluctant to the gift certificates which are poorly designed. So, it will be the best option to spend a hundred dollars on a designer for creating good-looking and attractive certificates. If you don’t want to spend too much money or if you want to test how well gift certificates will integrate with your business, then you have to buy some good quality templates from websites offering gift certificate templates.


Make People Notice Your Gift Certificates
Have you ever noticed that big stores display gift certificates mainly in premium locations? These are located close to the checkout, so that every customer notices these and gets tempted to buy. You need to do the same. Select a location in your store and display gift vouchers. You have to setup such location so that customers walk in to see them. You can also experiment with different positioning with several locations and need to see that works best. You can also put some signage where appropriate, in the corner of your shop or on the store window.

Win Customers with Attractive Gift Certificates

You can make your certificates more desirable by offering attractive certificate presenters, like gift boxes or envelopers. You have to be more creative. You can create custom velvet bags. This will help to go for a long way in convincing customer’s gift vouchers which will make a great gift for your relatives and friends.

Ask People Whether They Want It

You can ask your customers if they like to buy a gift voucher while you are processing their purchase. You must not be afraid to ask for the business. You need to generate more sales doing it.

Setup Mail Marketing Program
You can send mailing to your customer base or to the people who live within 10 mile area of your business. Include gift certificates in the mailing. You need to offer some services for free, but you can get more customers to sell more gift certificates.

Remind People of Special Occasions

It’s not about birthdays and Christmas, Graduation, Mother’s and Father’s day, Thank you Gifts, Wedding are all the occasions for which people can be enticed for buying gift certificates. You should create folders for every occasion and offer different gift certificate themes with appropriate designs. Gift certificate templates will help you to sell your customers. You have to find additional resources for selling gift certificates, especially for small businesses.

Content of Gift Certificates

Contents of the gift certificates will help you to get things right. There are some of the mandatory and optional elements which you must include in your gift voucher. Moreover, with the standard elements, you have to consider some of the legal mentions for certain restrictions on the use of a gift voucher.

Important Elements
If you are filing to gift certificate templates, you should include these following elements:

  • Name of the recipient
  • Name of the company


Value of Gift Certificates

This is the sensitive element of a gift certificate. Basically, you must never want the customer change amount of the gift certificate. So it’s good to have certificates printed than written manually.

Serial Number of Gift Certificates

Serial numbers are very important for several reasons in order to keep the track of your gift vouchers which you have issued. If you give a unique number to your gift certificates, you can verify that it’s not been modified when customers want to redeem it. For instance, you can have a tracking log which will associate with the serial number including issue date, value and the customer name. Some of the optional elements are:

Purchaser’s Name
This is a mandatory element for every gift voucher.

Personal Message
Personal message is the best way for personalizing a certificate, by giving possibility to every purchaser for adding personalized messages for the receiver.

No Cash Value

Cash value will protect you against the customers who all are willing to redeem gift certificate for cash. You need to mention ‘no cash value’ or ‘not redeemable for cash’ on the gift certificate.

Legal Mentions

There are certain restrictions of a service or product. If you want to offer a certificate for specific service, you need to mention ‘valid only for service X’.


If you want to redeem your gift certificate only by the person whose name is mentioned on the certificate, then, you should mention ‘non-transferrable’ on your gift certificate.

Expiry Date of Gift Certificates 

This may not be legal in your country. You need to check legal regulations for this. If it’s legal, then you have to include an expiration date on your certificates. Thus, you know the important elements to come up with good contents of your gift certificates, so you have to work accordingly for a gift certificate and mix match several elements till you are satisfied with your results.

Gift Vouchers for Your Prospective Customers

Gift certificates are the latest craze in India. Mostly, all the popular and international brands in the country have gift vouchers in order to enable the users to gift according to their choice. The gift certificate that are available in various range of cost-effective values are perfect for occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Diwali, etc. This is an excellent way to say thank you to someone special.

Thus, gift certificates give users the flexibility to purchase product from authorized store. It’s a fantastic option if you don’t know what to give your customers and clients as a gift.

The idea of gift certificates is not only confined to gifting dear ones. Corporate houses thrive with the idea of gifting your employees with gift certificates for showing gratitude with their service during special occasions. These occasions vary from festival seasons to the company earning profits with employee birthdays and anniversaries.

Where can you purchase these certificates from? Gift certificates are available everywhere, especially in major cities in the country. You can give your business and personal acquaintances the gift of their choice. To ensure this, you have to visit some of the selected stores.



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